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Village Hall Redevelopment - next steps

The Trustees have submitted a planning application for the proposed redevelopment scheme for the village hall.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and commented over the past 12 months - we have listened to your key priorities which include:
  • ensuring the fabric of the village hall is upgraded including heating
  • improving the kitchen
  • improving the toilets
  • better storage
We think the proposed design addresses the key priorities without trying to make the hall something it isn't.  Many of you have consistently said that you value the special "feel" of the hall and its something we're keen to retain.

The Trustees will now work to cost the plans in more detail, subject to planning permissions.

The fundraising now starts in earnest - please help us if you can!  If you have any ideas for fundraising or would be able to help us with submitting applications please get in touch.

Let the sun shine on… The Village Hall

We were delighted to receive an amazing Christmas Present from the Kempley Produce Market - after 9 years and three months of savings, Kempley Produce Market has fulfilled its founding goal of financing renewable energy for the Community of Kempley. This is taking the form of installing solar panels on the Village Hall. Luckily this is in time to benefit from the last few months of the  government’s tariff scheme.

To achieve this goal, the KPM worked jointly with the KVHT trustees and benefited from excellent advice and guidance from Paul Kinnaird, founder member of Ledbury Solar Cooperative which actively promotes reducing energy usage.  He helped us to specify and then understand the vagaries of the quotes we received.  This enabled us to make an informed decision. 
The commissioned system will provide guaranteed income for 20 years.  In tandem, the KVHT Trustees have agreed to use some of the hard earned funding from recent events to augment this development with the installation of air to air on demand heat pumps – a significant improvement in energy efficiency and cost on the current  out-dated and failing heaters.

So we can all look forward to a warm and cosy New Year ...

A BIG Thank You from KEMPLEY!

Minor Works Programme

The existing minor works programme to maintain the hall building continues alongside the redevelopment project.  Over recent months we have added insulation to the hall (we think it is already feeling less chilly!) and we are now doing some minor repairs to the internal plaster, and the external wall by the side door.  

As is well rehearsed, the poor ventilation in the hall is a significant challenge.  The redevelopment plan will of course address both the poor ventilation, and ensure the interior walls are made good once and for all.   In the meantime we have concentrated efforts on a couple of the worst patches.

Redevelopment Plan - Feedback from the Open Morning

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to the open morning on 24th February, to find out more about our revised plans for the hall redevelopment.

Lots of you came, viewed the current draft plans and told us what you thought.  The majority of the feedback was positive, with some areas and suggestions for us to re-look at.  We will publish a summary of the feedback along with ideas for fundraising. 

If anyone is able to support our fundraising efforts or wants to get involved in the project, please get in touch!

Village Hall Redevelopment Plans ...come along and express your views

Kempley Café, Saturday 24th February 
11.00 am to 2.00 pm


The draft plans are nearly ready to present to the village and everyone is encouraged to come along and see the plans and chat to the village hall trustees at the Kempley Café on 24 February from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. Your views are important and will provide valuable input to the final design.
In 2017 our Community-Led Plan confirmed that the Village Hall is seen as a key part of village life and the focal point of our community - so many of our village activities depend on the hall. Our shared vision is that the Village Hall provides a central hub for social, recreational and educational activity together with commercial enterprise and services.  The Kempley Village Hall Trust (KVHT) is charged with the responsibility to make sure the hall remains the focal point in the village for many years to come.  To achieve this, significant refurbishment and redevelopment is required.
What has KVHT been doing to take this forward?

  • KVHT has been working with an expert on community buildings to develop achievable plans to turn our village hall into a building fit for purpose and the future. 
  • Funding is more difficult than ever to secure and KVHT is working hard to identify appropriate grant-making organisations.  Most applications require firm costs, planning permission and evidence of other funding.  In the short term, sufficient income must be found in 2018 to cover the routine outgoings and maintenance costs of the hall.
  • Recently we have installed insulation to all roof spaces and cavity walls.  This simple action should improve the comfort of the hall, while saving money on energy.  KVHT continues to carry out short-term minor repairs to try and keep the building ticking over until we have the funds for the more long-term project.
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